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ISBN 9780993101403

This book is self-published by me, the author. I was inspired to write books following years of experience working with children as a Nurse Practitioner. All my books are endorsed by a paediatric consultant. My main aim is to educate children about their bodies in a fun way so that they grow into adulthood with a good basic knowledge on how their bodies work leading to a better understanding when they go wrong!


A beautifully illustrated book that combines 'Once Upon a Time' and 'How Your Body Works'. In this book Bertie Bread's adventures through Rosie’s body are used to explain the process of food from the mouth to the toilet. He meets up with Brucey Blood who explains how bread is used to keep Rosie strong and healthy. He meets the Gas Family who are very noisy!


Includes a glossary, word search and body diagrams.


Suitable for 5-11 year olds (feedback indicates adults learn from these books too!); Key Stage 1 and 2. Excellent educational content which children will return and refer to many times as part of their educational progression.


Great for a Birthday or Christmas gift idea. Size: 28x20cm.Also available:Susie Sugar and Tom : Type One Diabetes. Josie Juice and Matthew : Kidney/Renal function.

Bertie Bread and Rosie: Digestion

SKU: 101403
  • Made with high quality paper and hard wearing covers. Robust. Printed by PurePrint who have won many awards for quality as well as business and environmental performance.

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