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Twins in New Zealand
Archie loves Susie Sugar
Sienna and Bertie Bread

"Amber and Sasha FROM NEW ZEALAND"

Sasha and Amber let out a big woo-hoo! as they skipped into the house with their books.

Ian Baker (Dad)

"Even LITTLE Archie loves Susie Sugar!"

Thank you so much for writing the Susie Sugar book, somehow you've managed to turn a disease into a fun-filled read which left me educated (shameful to admit after battling with the illness for 27 years!) and it certainly provides a fantastic insight to those who know very little about the disease. I have now ordered one each of the others as well. P.s Archie enjoys a read of Susie Sugar every day.


"I had to read Bertie Bread to Sienna every day for two weeks!"

Sienna's Mum, Natalie, bought the original version of Bertie Bread when only 100 were produced. It was due to the enthusiasm of children like Sienna, their parents and teachers in the classroom, that I went on to produce more books in the series. 

Matthew loves 'Josie Juice and Matthew: Kidney and Renal Function. Educational books fo children.

"I have read all of heather's books"

This book is great! I love all the Brucey Blood and other characters. I went sledging for my birthday which was great fun and this is why Heather used it in this book. Josie Juice is after my Mum who is called Josie. 

I have read all Heather's books and now have a really good idea what happens inside my body.

I have taken them into school and they have used them to teach us in the classroom. Heather also came in and read Bertie Bread and Rosie. She used a big picture of a body and lots of emojis for us to stick on the picture. She even had a long piece of material that looked like an intestine for us to measure.

Matthew aged 9 years. 

Almery prefers the books

"Almery ....."

She finds them much more interesting than the TV!

Rebecca xxx

Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton
Competition winner

Competiton Winner  Olivia....

"The book arrived yesterday and my daughter absolutely loves it. We've now bought Josie Juice as well. Thank you so much."

Competition winner
Knowledge is a seed...
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