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ISBN 9780993101410

Struggling to understand Type One Diabetes? This book has been written for children, although adults frequently learn from it too!. Fun illustrations by popular artist Sarah-Leigh Wills makes learning about diabetes a pleasure. A beautifully illustrated book that combines 'Once Upon a Time' and 'How Your Body Works.' 


'Susie Sugar's' adventures through Tom's body creates a story that children enjoy whilst also being educated about the body's complex systems.Correct terms are used throughout i.e. insulin, pancreas, intestine.


It starts with Tom feeling unwell. Then progresses to diagnosis, treatment in hospital, then going back home. Susie Sugar becomes glucose, then meets characters like Brucey Blood and The Pancreas who is sad because it cannot produce insulin.


Includes a glossary, word search and body diagrams.


Easy to read. Excellent educational content which children will return and refer to many times as part of their educational progression. It is self-published by the author who has years of experience working with children as a Nurse Practitioner. Endorsed by a paediatric consultant.

Size: 28x20cm.

Susie Sugar and Tom: Type 1 Diabetes

SKU: 101410
  • Made with high quality paper and hard wearing covers. Robust.

    Printed by PurePrint who have won many awards for quality as well as business and environmental performance.

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