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ISBN 9780993101427

This beautifully illustrated book combines 'Once Upon a Time' and How Your Body Works.' This is another book by 'Busy Body Series.'Written for 5-11 year olds, this story contains fun illustrations by popular artist Sarah-Leigh Wills which makes learning how your body works a pleasure.  


Matthew goes grass sledging with his friends for his birthday. He starts the day with a glass of apple juice (Josie Juice). The story describes Josie's adventures through Matthew's body, including the kidneys and bladder, meeting up with characters like 'Brucey Blood.' Also interesting facts like how much different parts of your body contain water (did you know 31% of bone is water?!).  

Correct terms are used throughout i.e. nephrons, ureter, bladder. 
Easy to read. Excellent educational content which children will return and refer to many times as part of their educational progression. Includes a glossary, word search and body diagrams.

It is self-published by the author who has years of experience working with children as a Nurse Practitioner. Endorsed by a paediatric consultant.  
Size: 28x20cm.

Josie Juice and Matthew: Kidney/renal function

SKU: 101427
  • Made with high quality paper and hard wearing covers. Robust.

    Printed by PurePrint who have won many awards for quality as well as business and environmental performance.

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